Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Perot Rumah 2

In the kitchen there will be three stone implements. They are used for the grinding and pounding of ingredients before the arrival of electrical appliances.

Batu Giling - Grinder

Batu Lesong - Motar and Pestle

Batu Boh - Mill

The pots and pans of the day would be eatherware objects which included water jugs, belangahs - Indian style pots use for cooking curries. Utensils use for cooking would be made from coconut shells.

"Cooking was done over a concrete fireplace using firewood for fuel. When one tried to get the fire going by blowing through a foot-long, hollow, iron pipe, the ashes would fly into one's face and hair. It was hot, perspiring work. Common utensils used were the kuali or curved frying pan, and the belanga for cooking curry, besides the usual metal pots and pans these utensils were always black with soot and smoke from the firewood"
Rainbow Around My Shoulder - Ruth Ho

Another item found is the Nyiru - Bamboo Trays of varied sizes and shapes. This trays are use to sun-dry spices as well as vegetables, keropok - fish crackers, belachan - shrimp paste and other items.

Rice is stored in a tempayan - glazed earthenware jar while sugar, salt, kapor are kept in small porcelain containers.

Another indispensable tool would be the Parutan Kelapa - Coconut Grinder and in some households there would even be a ice cream maker.