Monday, September 19, 2005

The Peranakan Experience: A Singapore Story

In 2003 the inaugural lecture for the Lien Fung’s Colloquium - Chakap Chakap lah :-) was held at the Singapore Management University visit the link to see, hear all about The Peranakan Experience.

You can hear old and new Malay/Peranakan/English songs like Tanjong Katong, Rasa Sayang, Chan Mali Chan, Burong Kakak Tua, Su Suay Kemuning, Aiyoh Mama, Oleh Oleh Bandung, Nyonya Nyonya, Nyonya Pakey Bunga, Nyonya Manis and many more which are old favourites of the Peranakans.

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fooDcrazEE said...

really a 6th Generation baba. Good for u. i dont even know my roots.

lolz. apa nak buat. no one taught us these things.