Saturday, June 16, 2007

Otak Otak Blangah/Jantan

To most people there is only one type of Otak Otak but to the Peranakans besides Otak Otak wrapped in banana leaves in the home there are different variations of this favourite food.

1) Otak Otak Puteh

Otak Otak Puteh is like the normal Otak Otak except that it is white in colour without any rempah - spice paste. The fish must be of excellent quality to make this.

2) Otak Otak Jantan/Blangah

The other version is simpler to cook using just the round flattish fish ball it is cooked in the same rempah - spice mix with coconut milk added. Why did one dish end up with two different names?

Well the term blangah means a indian clay pot and it is this pot that gives the name to the dish. As in those days earthen pots are use to cook coconut based dishes and for curries.

The other name has a more colourful origin the word Jantan in Malay means Male as the other version is wrapped in banana leaves this Otak Otak must be the male version as it is not wrapped and is terlanjang - naked.

There are many ways to prepare this dish Grill, Steam, Baked so what ever way is your favourite Cheers to Otak Otak....


Mama BoK said...

Interesting..! i didn't know there were so many types. I only know the ones grilled in banana leaves.

益想天开 said...


I am a TV producer who is preparing a food program for Channel U.

I read your comments on "Fried Hokkien Mee" on Makansutra forum (2003) and i am very interested to find out more about "Mee Rochore" from you.

Could you drop me an email and we can talk a little more?

Many thanks!