Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Peranakan Festival 2005 - Raising The Phoenix

The Peranakan Association will be holding its first Peranakan Festival starting from 18 - 27 November 2005 at Millenia Walk.

Watch performances by Gunong Sayang, the Dendang Irama band and the Peranakan Voices, followed by a reception for invited guests.

THE PERANAKAN FAIR @ MILLENIA WALK 18 November 2005, 6 - 8pm
In many ways the heart of the Festival, this promises to be a colourful cornucopia of Peranakan music, fashion shows and performances all set against the background of our now well-established Craft and Food Fair, which comprises 30 stalls selling Peranakan food and bric-a-brac.


1. Information panels will highlight the characteristics and achievements of the Peranakan community. Visitors can experience the vision, philanthropy and ideals of the Baba pioneers, which continues alive and vibrant to this day.

2. A display of items that define the culture and aesthetics of the Peranakans. Clearly evident will be the passion for excellence and quality, a unique sense of colour, and a preference for an eclectic art form, incorporating elements of European, Chinese, Indian and Malay design.


Throughout the event, the public will experience an array of music Peranakans enjoy including Keronchong (from Indonesia), joget / rongeng/dondang sayang (from Malaysia) and golden oldies from the 1930s thru 50s along with a selection of newly-composed Peranakan melodies.

A fashion show featuring modern interpretations of batik wear from top Malaysian designers will be held on the 21st of November, in conjunction with the launch of a coffee-table book, "Batik Inspirations - featuring top batik designers". The forward-looking book boldly essays a blueprint for melding tradition and post-modernism through the lens of a new generation of batik fashion.

Peranakan skits aim to highlight the lifestyle and traditions of the Peranakan lifestyle. A wedding procession typical of a traditional Peranakan Wedding will be staged.

Food & Craft Fair

12 food stalls and 12 craft stalls will be set up at Millenia Walk. The food stalls (open from 18-26 November) will cover a range of popular Peranakan cuisine, including popiah, kueh pai tee, buah keluak, nonya mee, mee siam, and desserts such as kueh lapis, pineapple tarts and many other treats to tempt tastebuds..

The crafts on sale include intricate Peranakan jewellery replicas in gold and silver, kebayas, old batiks, porcelain ware and wooden carvings. Also present will be artists offering their interpretations of Peranakan material culture, or neo-Peranakan objects d'art.

Fringe Activities

BABA BAZAAR @ OG 18 - 27 November 2005

OG celebrates Peranakan culture with 10 food and craft stalls at Orchard Point, together with an array of Peranakan fashion for sale.


18th BABA CONVENTION: RAISING THE PHOENIX 24 - 26 November 2005 RELC International Hotel

Seminars featuring leading authorities on the culture will explore its preservation and revival.

105th ANNIVERSARY, ANNUAL DINNER AND DANCE 25 November 2005 The Neptune

This year's Dinner & Dance is themed Baba Las Vegas. Join in and play Baba Roulette, Cheeky Cherki, Bibik's Mahjong, 21 and many more. This promises to be a night of sheer revelry and extravagant entertainment.

FOOD GALORE AT HOTELS 18 - 27 November 2005

Hotel Phoenix and Furama Hotel will feature Peranakan cuisine and special events throughout the Festival period.

Peranakan Food Fair at Phoenix Hotel
Home-cooked Food style of Peranakan dishes like Ayam Buah Keluak,Ikan Pari Kuah Lada, Babi Ayam Pongtay,Udang Goreng Asam etc Look out for the PRESS for the Activities like Cooking Classes,Bunga Rampay Demo,Beaded Slippers Demo etc.....and stalls selling Spices, Kueh-Kueh,Sauces,Kebayas,Kerosangs etc

Party like a Peranakan! 27 November 2005 Asian Civilisation Museum, Armenian Street

The Museum will host several activities. A workshop for children to impart the skills of making selected Peranakan crafts will be held. Visitors to the Museum can watch an interactive play devised by members of the Peranakan Association's cultural group and students and also dress up in Peranakan wear for a fun polaroid. Stalls selling food and Peranakan bric-a-brac will also be set up. Enjoy choral performances by The Peranakan Association and Gunong Sayang. Finally, partake in an appreciation high tea at 4pm and mingle with everyone involved in the Festival.


A TWIST OF FATE Presented by Singapore Repertory Theatre From 18 November 2005 Esplanade Theatre

This highly successful Peranakan murder mystery production by the Singapore Repertory Theatre returns to the stage! Enjoy an evening filled with comedy and suspense - wonderful entertainment for the whole family. For more information, please visit us at http://www.srt.com.sg/


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