Monday, April 17, 2006

Long Forgotten Food 1 - Sayur Bermis

Sayur Bermis was once regarded as a peasant vegetable and eaten by Nyonyas in the '60s. It is difficult, but not impossible, to find sayur bermis (duckweed), a dao miao lookalike, except it's rougher and crunchier.

How to cook your Sayur Bermis you can fry it with Sambal Belachan or Rempah Titek.

During my last trip to Malacca. I came back with 12 bundles. After giving away six bundles to relatives and friends ...Boy oh Boy did i really have my fill of Sayur Bermis. Come to think of it when will the next trip be???

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Zaki Zaili said...

I know this vegetables. Our family Brunai race live in Sabah also love to eat this.

It has some bitter flavour into it, grass like. Nice to sautee just with salt, garlic and onion.

Anyway, Try to find scientific name or formal name for this. We called it Barmis.